Session 2023-2024

"A leader is not a person who leads alone, but one who leads along with the team"

I would like to thank my Principal, Sister Mercia, my teachers and all my friends for believing in me and giving me a chance to lead the Student Council. I promise to fulfill responsibilities to the best of my ability and constantly rise to meet the expectations vested in me. Nothing is possible without team work and I believe that the Student Council will work consistently as a team to help our school grow.

We are human and there might be times when we make mistakes but we are willing to learn, to take corrections in the right spirit and ensure that we do not repeat the mistake. We as a team, will strive towards excellence so that our school banner will fly high in all fields be it academics, or co curricular activities. We all will try and make this year one that is filled with beautiful memories that will be cherished forever.

Khushi kapoor
Head Girl
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