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  • Dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential within every student, we at Loreto Day School, Dharamtala, believe in the holistic development of each student, fostering their growth into individuals who enrich both family and the society. With a focus on instilling positive values and providing a nurturing environment, we guide each student towards mastering knowledge and skills.

    Mrs. S. Seal

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  • As I take over as the Head Girl of Loreto Day School, Dharamtala, I take a trip down memory lane. Every hardship, every challenge, and all the sleepless nights resurface, reminding me of the resilience and determination it took to reach this point. The struggles were many, but each step was a lesson,.

    Mahee Gupta
    (Head Girl)

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Felicitation of the ICSE....
Updated On: 14-Jul-2024
On the 14th of July, 2024, the ten toppers of the....

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Beyond the Horizon-...
Updated On: 24-Nov-2023
Beyond the Horizon-...
Updated On: 24-Nov-2023
Story Telling...
Updated On: 27-Feb-2023
Republic Day...
Updated On: 26-Jan-2023
Master Chef - Colour...
Updated On: 10-Sep-2023

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  • Updated On: 14-Jan-2024

    Wining Gold

  • Updated On: 15-May-2023

    All India Level in the ISC Examination, 2023...

  • Updated On: 10-Apr-2022

    Award of Virtual Marathon


Loreto Day School Dharamtala

The Irish Branch of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary was founded in 1821 by Mother Teresa Ball, in Dublin, on completion of her religious training at the Bar convent in Dublin, Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, York, England. She gave the name Loreto to the first convent of this new branch at Rathfarnham, Dublin, as it was her wish and prayer that the life of the Holy Family might always be an inspiration and an example to the members of the institute.

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